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Built to tell your story

If you're like most people, you use the internet to search for things and share your updates with others. These tools have been built to create bubbles - you only see updates from the people you know, or worse yet, what an algorithm determines you should see.

Some of the most compelling stories we tell are based on place. Yet we miss a lot of what's happening locally when we live in our own bubbles. There has to be another way to discover things that are happening around us.

Urality is built to promote location first, so where you share content is as imporant as the content itself. Help people discover you, your interests, and your work.

What does Urality mean to your audience? Content presented based on your follower's location in a tech and mobile-friendly way. Use Urality to find a new local following and people who share your passions.

Why should you use Urality?

Location First

The content you share in Urality is geo-indexed to be discoverable by anyone who is nearby.

Story Maps

The heart of Urality - Story Maps are a great way to share media and narrative in an interactive way with your followers.

Landing Pages

Use your landing page to share updates, story maps, and other content you create in Urality.

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