Urality for your Economic Development Corporation

Build partnerships within your community and collect key data to support your initiatives

Built for Economic Development Corps

We know you take pride in the positive work you do to create a better quality of life for your community. The problem is that Economic Development Corporations have difficulty finding support and investment for local projects.

In a world where attention is at a premium, we give you the tools you need to promote the stories you have to tell within your business community - connect to your audience and get them engaged.

Urality is an easy to use platform that integrates into your current marketing and promotion efforts to create a big impact, no matter how small your team.

What does Urality mean to your audience? Local and personalized content delivered in a tech and mobile-friendly way. With Urality, you can shine a light on the stories that resonate within your community.

What your organization will look like with Urality

Community landing page

A digital community landing page where you can display a map of small businesses and events with user-generated content from business owners and neighbors.

Real time updates

Ability to seamlessly update your community landing page to always show up-to-date information about events. No more removing outdated flyers.

QR Code activations

QR code activation points set up in strategic locations such as local attractions, parks, and transit so that a visitor can scan and learn what their next stop should be.

Data and analytics

Enhanced analytics allowing your organization to gather meaningful data and measure the impact of your initiatives.

Community hub

Foster community partnerships with local small businesses and community champions to kickstart new ideas and community initiatives.

Embed and share

Reuse content built in Urality through maps, business directories, and event calendars that you can embed on your existing websites, no coding required.

Download the PDF datasheet herearrow_right_alt

Ready to get started?

Reach out to us if you have more questions about starting your own community on Urality.