How communities use Urality

New stories are being made every day. Is your community hearing them?

Built for community leaders

As a community leader, we know you take pride in the positive work you do to create a better quality of life for you and your neighbors. The problem is that these stories aren't getting the awareness and engagement that your community needs to hear.

In a world where attention is at a premium, we give you the tools you need to promote the stories you have to tell - connect to your audience and get them engaged.

Urality is an easy to use platform that integrates into your current marketing and promotion efforts to create a big impact, no matter how small your team.

What does Urality mean to your audience? Local and personalized content delivered in a tech and mobile-friendly way. With Urality, you can shine a light on the stories that resonate within your community.

Features for your community

Landing Pages

The content that you and your community members share bubble up to your community landing page.

Community Map

Customize and share your community map with others. Use it as a community directory for local business, an events calendar, or anything you want it to be!

Community Hub

Manage your community membership, view community activity, and communicate with your community members on promotion and marketing initiatives within your community.

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Ready to get started?

Reach out to us if you have more questions about starting your own community on Urality.