How businesses use Urality

Find new ways to engage with the people closest to your business - your neighbors.

Built to promote your business

You've worked hard to build your digital presence, whether it's building a social media following or paying for SEO to make sure people can find your website. But what if your next customers are right under your nose?

Make sure you're not missing what's right in front of you by promoting your business on Urality and reaching those that are closest to you - the people in your own neighborhood.

Urality makes it easy to connect your neighborhood to your business, giving you business tools to share your updates and easy ways for your neighbors to discover them.

Urality shares content with people through location and their proximity to you. Gaining local customers allows you to grow your business from within your community.

Features for your business

Location First

All content that you share on behalf of your business is indexed and discovarable based on location. This makes it easy for people to find you when they are nearby.

Landing Pages

Share your updates, story maps, and events through your landing page. If you have a storefront, share your business hours and any other relevant links that will help you build a following.

QR Codes

Create a scannable QR code to post on your storefront or add to print material that directs people to your online offerings.

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