Every map deserves a story.

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.

What is a Story Map?

Story Maps are collections of locations with media and narrative that you can share with others. They are composed of

  • The map, which interactively moves as you navigate the story
  • The media (we support pictures, video, and audio)
  • The narrative (text and hyperlinks to other content)

Story Map Features


Set to discover

Story maps are discoverable based on a location you set for the story map. We use this location for viewers to discover anyone's story map within Urality.


Crowd Sourced

Allow external contributors to your story map and anyone can add their own point of interest to your story map. You can approve or reject content that is submitted to your story map.


Activate through QR Codes

Turn your story map into a QR code, which you can post at your points of interest to guide your viewers on a local story.


Embed and share

Embed and share your map in your own webpages through a simple copy and paste of code you can grab from your story map page in Urality.

Other features to explore


Story Maps

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.


Community Hub

Create a community hub in Urality and promote what's happening in your community.


Events and Calendars

Create events that help get the word out about what you’re doing.


Passport Program

Build a campaign to activate patrons in your community through checkins at participating locations.


Profile Landing Page

Showcase your content in Urality with a dedicated landing page.



Build a virtual storefront to promote your (or your community's) goods and services.