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Turn your Landing Pages, Story Maps, and Events into QR codes that can be activated in the real world through your phone’s camera.

Why we support QR codes

QR codes provide a contactless way of activating content. Sure, you could make them yourself, but we've tied them to our analytics so you can track when and where people have activated your content.

What you can use QR codes for

  • Create QR codes for your landing pages and use them on print materials, signage, or your business's storefront.
  • Add QR codes at locations in your Story Map to entice people to discover other points of interest in your location
  • Use QR codes for events as a way to track foot traffic at your next event.

What you get for using QR codes

  • Easier activation methods. No more searching on your name or social media handles.
  • Metrics. See how often people are activating your content out in the wild!

Check it out for yourself

If you're on a desktop, use your phone's camera and scan the QR code below to check out an example of a community landing page!

Other features to explore

Story Maps

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.


Showcase your business or Join in and foster a place for your local community to connect.


Create detailed Events pages that help get the word out about what you’re doing.



Keep everyone up to date with the latest that's happening with you in the neighborhood.

Landing Pages

Showcase your business or profile in your community with a dedicated Landing page.

Physical Activation

Showcase your business or profile Bring people in your community to your page through physical QR activation.


Embed and Share

We make it easy for you to share your map-based content on other web-based platforms.



Want to know how your content is doing? We have you covered with statistics you care about.