All about you, all in one place.

Urality landing pages give you an easy way to connect your audience with your location based content.


Share your link anywhere

Link your Urality landing page anywhere that the people you want to reach are.


Additional features for your business

Showcase your business with additional features, such as operating hours and product and service descriptions.


Create a QR code

Share your landing page as a QR code, which you can share anywhere that you want people to actively interact with your content.


Track your growth

Urality provides analytics that show you exposure to your landing page, including views, unique users, and more. Check out the full list of features here.


The power of community

Community landing pages show your content and other members of your community! You get the power of updates from your community, and the ability to lead with highlights from your community in the community spotlight section of the landing page.

Other features to explore

Story Maps

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.


Showcase your business or Join in and foster a place for your local community to connect.


Create detailed Events pages that help get the word out about what you’re doing.



Keep everyone up to date with the latest that's happening with you in the neighborhood.

Landing Pages

Showcase your business or profile in your community with a dedicated Landing page.

Physical Activation

Showcase your business or profile Bring people in your community to your page through physical QR activation.


Embed and Share

We make it easy for you to share your map-based content on other web-based platforms.



Want to know how your content is doing? We have you covered with statistics you care about.