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Create a community hub in Urality and promote what's happening in your community.

What is a Urality community?

A Urality community is a group of creators and businesses focused on location that build and share the story of a community, with tools for communication, collaboration, aggregation, and moderation.

What does this mean to me?

We've found that the best way to authentically capture the voice of a community is to recruit the people who are the champions and ambassadors for the community.

Community Features


Community Grid

A summary of all activity within the community, sorted by latest content and based on proximity to you. Owners can pin content to the top of their grid to spotlight specific activity.


Community Directory

A searchable listing of the members of your community. Easily embeddable within other web pages.


Community Calendar

A searchable calendar for events you and your community members create. Easily embeddable within other web pages.


Community Map

A configurable map-centric view of your community, including membership and content. Easily embeddable within other web pages.


Community Marketplace

A virtual storefront for you and your members to promote their goods and services within your community.


Community Discussions

Have a private conversation with members of your community by accessing the discussions feature of the community hub.


Community Membership/Management

Manage membership of your community members. Send automated invites, or add and manage your own community members to get started.

Other features to explore


Story Maps

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.


Community Hub

Create a community hub in Urality and promote what's happening in your community.


Events and Calendars

Create events that help get the word out about what you’re doing.


Passport Program

Build a campaign to activate patrons in your community through checkins at participating locations.


Profile Landing Page

Showcase your content in Urality with a dedicated landing page.



Build a virtual storefront to promote your (or your community's) goods and services.