We love your location. You should too.

Our focus on your location is what makes us different.

Why Location?

We care about what a local community has to offer and the stories that are a part of them. We want to provide a new way to reach your community that looks and feels more authentic and isn’t driven by who is paying the most to be on top of a search result. We’re here to help empower you to connect with your community through hyper local content.

How is Urality Different?

We're flipping the script. All content you create in Urality is geo indexed and discoverable based on its location. That means that you can discover new things around you based on your proximity to where it is. No more searching and hoping you find what you're looking for.

Using Urality to focus on local


Build hyper local Story Maps that highlight your individual work - activate both online and in the community.


Build local awareness of your brand in your community. Tools that make a big impact in your neighborhood.


Make a big splash in your community and build a complete local picture of your community - the organizations, businesses, and people that make your space thrive.

Explore the features of Urality

Story Maps

Share your journey on a map with locations, media, and narrative.


Showcase your business or Join in and foster a place for your local community to connect.


Create detailed Events pages that help get the word out about what you’re doing.



Keep everyone up to date with the latest that's happening with you in the neighborhood.

Landing Pages

Showcase your business or profile in your community with a dedicated Landing page.

Physical Activation

Showcase your business or profile Bring people in your community to your page through physical QR activation.


Embed and Share

We make it easy for you to share your map-based content on other web-based platforms.



Want to know how your content is doing? We have you covered with statistics you care about.