Put your


on the map.

Urality connects people to your place and gives you the tools you need to build a network of ambassadors within your community.

How well do you know your community? Do you want to learn more about where people go, what people do, and what people want out of your community?

Urality focuses on connecting people to your place through discovery on location. We enable community leaders and advocates to build exclusive content that is most effective on-the-ground, on location. Our unique local insights and metrics help you make better decisions in your community.

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What we offer

Community Hub

Map out your community. Build a comprehensive directory of your community and invite participants to share their businesses, events, and stories with you.

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Story Maps

Combine location, media, and narrative to build an unique version of your story to share with others. Invite participants to share their own experience on your story map.

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Passport Program

Connect people to locations in your community through a digital checkin campaign. Use foot traffic metrics to measure your impact within the community.

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What makes us different


Location + Wayfinding

Content created in Urality is indexed by location and discoverable based on a viewer’s proximity. We do the legwork to resolve places and points of interest for you when you’re creating new content.


Placemaking + Activation

Connect people to your content via QR codes to add to physical signage, print media, etc. Create placemaking campaigns that empower locals and visitors to explore their community deeper.


Participation + Collaboration

Our tools encourage community participation through easily managing community memberships.


Insights + Metrics

Our tools give you unique and actionable insights that show the impact of foot traffic within your community.