Put your


on the map.

Urality gives you tools to promote your community, downtown, or neighborhood by focusing on local.

Urality is a technology company focused on bolstering local engagement through discovery on location. We foster community and grow engagement by supporting local businesses/leaders/creators and their unique narratives. We believe in authenticity, connection, and personalization over search engines, page ranks, and digital ads.

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What we offer

Story Maps

Combine location, media, and narrative to share a story with your community.

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Build a comprehensive directory of your location and invite others to share their businesses, events, and stories with you. Embed this content on your own site in minutes.

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Engage people in your space by activating your content through location and QR codes.

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How we're different than the rest



We make it easy to work with location through autocomplete features and extracting location from metadata whenever possible. All data in Urality is indexed by location and discoverable based on a viewer's proximity to your content.



Community owners act as content moderators for the community, and Urality supports modes of operation where you own the entire community or you delegate ownership to individual businesses or stakeholders.



We take care of the ugly stuff so you don't have to. We provide simple integrations through HTML snippets, generate branded QR codes, provide a mobile first experience for users, and provide useful analytics to measure on-the-ground engagement.